the place in between

KatiKati Eco Lodge

Swahili is the original language from which most African indigenous languages originated. KatiKati is the Swahili word for “in between”. This state of mind and being applies to our eco lodge on many different levels.
We are in between.... 
  • the rolling foothills of the Drakensberg mountain range of the eastern escarpment in Mpumalanga, South Africa
  • the Legogote and Panorama Tourism Routes of Mpumalanga
  • the low clouds on the edge of the Heidelberg Valley outside White River
  • several developing Macadamia farms – including our own little farm
  • hundreds of things to do and places to see – right on our doorstep, within easy reach on one day trips
  • the peoples of South Africa – forming bonds between people of different races and cultures
  • the hard working, growing stage and the more restful, retirement stage of our lives
  • the different stages of development of our eco lodge, including:
    -   building and upgrading of eco friendly self catering units
    -   establishment of an eco friendly garden and planting of indigenous trees
    -   establishment of a recycling project
    -   systematically becoming self sufficient and off-the-grid with regards to energy supply
    -   development of a small, intimate events venue
    -   development of a macadamia plantation and self sustaining farming projects
  • friends, family and people sharing love, kindness and unconditional acceptance of the other 
self-catering units
  • Unit #1 sleeps maximum 2 persons
  • Unit #2 sleeps maximum 2 persons
  • Unit #8 sleeps maximum 4 persons